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Monday, April 20, 2009

Doug describes how the "Two-Minute Story" works over time.

Diamond Affiliate Doug & Kathy Karnuth sent me an email describing their experience with one of their prospects. Here is an excerpt:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A couple of months ago a person downloaded the ebook, and we had a brief conversation about the book.

She was very happy with her company, and was only looking for a system to build her business, so I suggested that she plug into the free training we offer.

I kept in regular communication and sent out emails announcing weekly calls that she was invited to participate in. She did get on a few of the calls every so often, But, one day she emailed me and said I would like to hear your "Two-minute Story".

You see, in my signature file for every email I put:

PS. Ask me about my "Two-Minute Story"

After receiving numerous emails with this PS, she just had to hear it, curiosity got to her. So I called her and told the story and nothing happened, good or bad. You see when she downloaded the ebook it was not her day, when I told her the story it was not her day either, but about a week ago it was and she joined the Vitamark team.

This is a really cool example of "today is not their day, but maybe tommorrow will be". That really shows the importance of telling the story, and waiting for it to be their time, not ours.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The "Two-Minute Story" creates activity and results ...

Debi Talbert sent me this email:

* * * * * * * *

Keeping my focus and intent on telling at least one new person a day my 2 minute story is working out wonderful for me.

I shared the complete story once. However my intent to tell it has lead to a Gift Shop in the hotel in Los Angles where we layover, looking into putting the Diet Cookies on their shelves. Lead to a gentlemen on my flight from JFK to Los Angeles taking 5 Crave Samples and Cards to share with his group of collages that drink energy drinks all the time and would have no problem ordering 50 at a time.

Sharing the entire story with a fellow flight attendant that over heard me talking about the cookies to the ladies in the Gift Shop in Los Angeles. That Flight Attendant took the Freedom Magazine and we have a follow-up call set for the 19th.

My Biggest Loser Diet Club now has 16 members with 4 attending our first actual meeting this Wednesday, February 18. My Networking at Noon Club has 5 committed members attending our fist meeting tomorrow, February 17.

I know all of these changes are taking place in my business because I am focused on telling the story at least once per day to someone new. The intent leads to either the story being told, a product sample being given out, or sharing information on my Networking at Noon Group.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free magazine + the "Two-Minute Story" ...

Just received this email from Brian Randall:

* * * * * * * * *

Hi All,

I stopped in Pope, Mississippi at the Pure Gas station as usual on the trip home. It's an easy stop close to the end of the trip to gas up. After gassing up the truck I grabbed 2 Freedom Magazines and headed to the store.

First thing as I started toward the store I noticed a guy pumping gas and talking on a cell phone. I started towards the store and I asked, "Would you like a free magazine?"

Sure did so I gave him one. Very easy.

Went in the store and and used the facilities. As I was coming out I asked the lady working there who had greeted me coming in if she was "Married to her job or open-minded."

"Oh I’m very open minded," she said.

I said, well I’ve got a good story ... She was a Blue and would be a lot of fun to have on my team. I hope she volunteers.

I can’t help if afterwards I was just driving down the road just LMAO. This is so much fun.

Since this week started I started exploding with momentum. Now I feel like I should be able to tell my story to everyone I come into contact. If I don’t tell someone my story, I ponder on why I did not get to tell that person my story afterwards.

- Brian Randall

Tell the "Two-Minute Story" 15 times ... and everything changes.

I just got this email from Mary Guariglia.

* * * * * * * * * *

I reported that the "Two-Minute Story" was simple to do over the phone to old and new prospects. You told us that it would get easier and easier once we told it about 15 times or more. I used it about that many times and it started to flow naturally as I knew it better. However, I had not used it at all in person.

Wow, were you correct! On the Cruise I made the commitment to DO it! I told the "Two-Minute Story" only when the opportunity arose. I am happy to report that my results were excellent. All of the seven Cruisers I spoke with listened to my story and I have seven follow ups this week.

I am having fun with this "new" tool as my comfort level rises and produces great follow up results!

Thank you,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get more people to ask you for your "Two-Minute Story"!

Diamond Affiliate Cynthia Breed gives a lot of "Two-Minute Story" presentations.

Why? Because she doesn't keep the story a secret.

Imagine advertising in a newspaper but only having your ad in just one newspaper and hoping that the person reading that one newspaper would be interested. That's silly, isn't it?

So don't limit your exposures to just one person. Allow many people to know that you have a good story.

Check out Cynthia's picture.

People are always asking her for her "Two-Minute Story" ... wonder why?

How to get into ACTION!

My good friend, "K", writes a blog and gives others advice on how to do MLM. Unfortunately, he is a bit shy and uncomfortable talking to prospects, and only writes about how to do MLM, but does not do MLM successfully ... yet.

I had sent "K" an email congratulating him on his fine article on his blog. He writes back:


Thanks Tom,

I really appreciate that. And I like writing almost as much as I like talking.

Now to get some readers!

MLM life is so frustrating. I feel like I've arrived, but nobody knows I'm here.


Here is my reply to "K":

Hi "K",

You have "arrived" as a writer. You have a subject you are knowledgeable about and love. It shows in your copy.

But, you haven't "arrived" in MLM yet. That is why you feel frustrated. You can write about MLM, you believe in MLM, but you haven't "done" MLM successfully ... yet. It is coming.

When you can "do" MLM, your frustration will go away, and your copy will sparkle. Your successful experience will show through your copy.

So here is a plan:

"Do" MLM. And do it in a way that is comfortable for you so you will enjoy, not dread, talking to prospects.

That's why I recommend the "Two-Minute Story" ... it is made for people like us.

Now, here is where your "dread" and "fear" comes from. You have an agenda. You actually want people to join, and thus the stress of the decision.

You can eliminate this by adopting this viewpoint:

"I enjoy letting people 'know' about how they could have a successful business in networking by giving them hope, by telling them the 'Two-Minute Story'. I love telling the story and seeing the sparkle of hope in their eyes. And, if they decide to participate or not, that's not my worry. It is their life, their choices. And if someone volunteers to want to work with me, that's okay. I'll work with them because they asked."

So for now, just "do" and "live" MLM via sharing the "Two-Minute Story" ... with no cares or worries about what the listener might want to do with the story. That's it.

And then you will be "DOING" network marketing, and then you will "arrive" quickly to your destination.

So yes, you are almost there. It is going to get a lot better in the future.


P.S. And congratulations on getting a consistent flow of volunteers asking you for your "Two-Minute Story"!!!! Great job.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like bees to honey ...

Ginny Bair simply put a sign on her bag. I followed her through the airport and on the STB Cruise and watched what happened.

She constantly got comments from strangers such as:

"I'll bite. Tell me the story."

"What's your story?"

"I got two minutes."

"I don't have two minutes, but can you tell me quicker?"

Use your imagination like Ginny did. You can get total strangers to ask you for your "Two-Minute Story" every day.