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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everybody loves a good story!

Penny Dude writes:

* * * * * * *

I just wanted to share with you an experience I have had with the 2 minute presentation.

As I had told you a couple weeks ago I did my 2 minute presentation on a prospect in my back office of MFF. She has been there since Feb. 2008. I had followed the steps we take, she read the ebook, send her the audios then a 3 way with Michael. Well, she was went through each of the steps but timing was not right. So she has kept on doing her program she was involved in with no success. I saw her on g chat and I asked if she wanted to talk. That evening we talked just getting to know what she was doing and if she was having success. She had been doing her business for almost a year and she was excited she got a sign up I think it was that day. So I was curious if she was happy with the money and she said no she has spent alot more than she made.

I said I have a story to tell you, takes about 2 minutes, might make you alot of money might not. So she agree to listen but when we were done she did not ask anymore. I asked if she wanted me to send her a Freedom Magazine and she said sure. She then sent me a message last week, I think Thursday she was hoping to have the magazine by the time her parents came to visit. But it did not arrive. She received it today and was so excited. She sent me an email to let me know she got it and was going to sit down and go through it. I will be doing a follow up tomorrow and will keep you posted.

Timing needs to be right, it is a rejection free line. They can say "yes I want to hear it" or "no I don't want to hear your story" No Pressure, No sales pitch, just what we have practiced.

Thanks so much. I feel this is the easiest way to see if people want hear more about our wonderful company Vitamark!

* * * * * * *

And Penny Dude's affiliates are excited about the "Two-Minute Presentation" also! Ruben writes:

* * * * * * *

Hey Penny Dude,

I did the 2-minute presentation about 5 or 6 times. Got some people looking at the business.
Things are cooking baby! lol

* * * * * * *

Have you told your "Two-Minute Presentation" today?

1 comment:

Phil Snelman said...

Yes Tom, the 2 minute story appears to have no boundaries. It even works in Moncton, New Brunswick. Amazing! Well done Penny, you are a great leader.