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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The "Two-Minute Story" creates activity and results ...

Debi Talbert sent me this email:

* * * * * * * *

Keeping my focus and intent on telling at least one new person a day my 2 minute story is working out wonderful for me.

I shared the complete story once. However my intent to tell it has lead to a Gift Shop in the hotel in Los Angles where we layover, looking into putting the Diet Cookies on their shelves. Lead to a gentlemen on my flight from JFK to Los Angeles taking 5 Crave Samples and Cards to share with his group of collages that drink energy drinks all the time and would have no problem ordering 50 at a time.

Sharing the entire story with a fellow flight attendant that over heard me talking about the cookies to the ladies in the Gift Shop in Los Angeles. That Flight Attendant took the Freedom Magazine and we have a follow-up call set for the 19th.

My Biggest Loser Diet Club now has 16 members with 4 attending our first actual meeting this Wednesday, February 18. My Networking at Noon Club has 5 committed members attending our fist meeting tomorrow, February 17.

I know all of these changes are taking place in my business because I am focused on telling the story at least once per day to someone new. The intent leads to either the story being told, a product sample being given out, or sharing information on my Networking at Noon Group.

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