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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ideas for finding prospects.

There are plenty of online ad sites. Think "Craig's List" or "Kijiji" and your local area sites.

While some will not let you advertise your business opportunity, you can advertise for people to meet or have an interest in a special topic such as self-improvement, natural foods, diet strategies, etc.

Phil Snelman wrote this to his team:

"Here's a great idea if you're having problems finding people to tell your story to.

Go to www.Ecademy.com It's a FREE online networking organisation that has THOUSANDS of motivated business people who are members and who YOU can visit with online and build a friendship with.

Once you've got in contact with them it's then easy to tell your story to them.

Remember, you only need one person a day to tell it to!"

You don't have to find a special person, with a health challenge, that will be losing their job, who wants their own business, who is an entrepreneur, who loves sales, who is a total people-person, who has been in network marketing before ... you just have to find an ordinary person to talk to.

That's it.

The "Two-Minute Story" gives people a vision and a plan. You will be surprised to see how many people are happy you told them the story.

And for some people, today is the day for them to make a decision to change their life.

And for the rest of the people, now they know the story and they can take advantage of it when the time is right for them in their life.

Just think of all the people who will know this "Two-Minute Story" in just one year. You'll have plenty of volunteers over the year as the timing is right for your listeners.

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