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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free magazine + the "Two-Minute Story" ...

Just received this email from Brian Randall:

* * * * * * * * *

Hi All,

I stopped in Pope, Mississippi at the Pure Gas station as usual on the trip home. It's an easy stop close to the end of the trip to gas up. After gassing up the truck I grabbed 2 Freedom Magazines and headed to the store.

First thing as I started toward the store I noticed a guy pumping gas and talking on a cell phone. I started towards the store and I asked, "Would you like a free magazine?"

Sure did so I gave him one. Very easy.

Went in the store and and used the facilities. As I was coming out I asked the lady working there who had greeted me coming in if she was "Married to her job or open-minded."

"Oh I’m very open minded," she said.

I said, well I’ve got a good story ... She was a Blue and would be a lot of fun to have on my team. I hope she volunteers.

I can’t help if afterwards I was just driving down the road just LMAO. This is so much fun.

Since this week started I started exploding with momentum. Now I feel like I should be able to tell my story to everyone I come into contact. If I don’t tell someone my story, I ponder on why I did not get to tell that person my story afterwards.

- Brian Randall

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