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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Two-Step System.

Network marketing is easy, if we concentrate on the basics. Just two steps.

1. Find a "live" person to talk to.

2. Tell that "live" person about your business.

That's it. We just take the volunteers that like our business.

Step #2 is easy. We can do a "One-Minute Presentation" - our "Two-Minute Story" - or a really big presentation. Whatever feels right for you.

And Step #1 is easy too. There are lots of ways to get "live" people to talk to. You could talk to people from:

1. E-book downloads.

2. Newspaper ads.

3. Flyers.

4. Internet ads.

5. Relatives.

6. Social networking.

7. Retail customers.

8. Passing out samples.

9. Trade shows and booths.

10. Friends.

11. Co-workers.

12. Referrals.

13. CDs or the Freedom Magazine.

And many, many more.

Step #1 requires that you find the method that is most natural, comfortable, and effective for you. And, you can use more than one method!

For instance, take brand new affiliate, Ty Jackson, from Cape Coral, FL.

He loves the Appetizer Diet Cookies. He just had these letters put on his car yesterday.

And in 24 hours he has already talked to four new "live" prospects just from the lettering on his car :)

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