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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to get into ACTION!

My good friend, "K", writes a blog and gives others advice on how to do MLM. Unfortunately, he is a bit shy and uncomfortable talking to prospects, and only writes about how to do MLM, but does not do MLM successfully ... yet.

I had sent "K" an email congratulating him on his fine article on his blog. He writes back:


Thanks Tom,

I really appreciate that. And I like writing almost as much as I like talking.

Now to get some readers!

MLM life is so frustrating. I feel like I've arrived, but nobody knows I'm here.


Here is my reply to "K":

Hi "K",

You have "arrived" as a writer. You have a subject you are knowledgeable about and love. It shows in your copy.

But, you haven't "arrived" in MLM yet. That is why you feel frustrated. You can write about MLM, you believe in MLM, but you haven't "done" MLM successfully ... yet. It is coming.

When you can "do" MLM, your frustration will go away, and your copy will sparkle. Your successful experience will show through your copy.

So here is a plan:

"Do" MLM. And do it in a way that is comfortable for you so you will enjoy, not dread, talking to prospects.

That's why I recommend the "Two-Minute Story" ... it is made for people like us.

Now, here is where your "dread" and "fear" comes from. You have an agenda. You actually want people to join, and thus the stress of the decision.

You can eliminate this by adopting this viewpoint:

"I enjoy letting people 'know' about how they could have a successful business in networking by giving them hope, by telling them the 'Two-Minute Story'. I love telling the story and seeing the sparkle of hope in their eyes. And, if they decide to participate or not, that's not my worry. It is their life, their choices. And if someone volunteers to want to work with me, that's okay. I'll work with them because they asked."

So for now, just "do" and "live" MLM via sharing the "Two-Minute Story" ... with no cares or worries about what the listener might want to do with the story. That's it.

And then you will be "DOING" network marketing, and then you will "arrive" quickly to your destination.

So yes, you are almost there. It is going to get a lot better in the future.


P.S. And congratulations on getting a consistent flow of volunteers asking you for your "Two-Minute Story"!!!! Great job.

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